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Rent To Own

Rent to Own Program (RTO)

RTO Quick Facts  Click each link for details:

  • No Credit Check

  • Easy Terms

  • No Prepayment Penalties

  • No Termination Penalties

You Own The Building After The Rental Period

How It Works

You have the option to Rent To Own your building from Storage Solutions, Etc. This is a common sense alternative to mini warehousing and in most cases is less expensive. Plus, you have your belongings at your residence.

We can deliver your building from our sales lot usually within a few days for quick use and not have to wait for weeks like most rent to own programs.

No Credit Check:

  • Our RTO involves No Credit Check that would lower your current rating or beacon scores. Simply choose the building that best suits your storage needs and a monthly payment that you are comfortable with.  You are already pre-approved with a current driver’s license. If you have available credit today, why “use up” any available credit when you can use our RTO program and save any available credit for an emergency.


  • A minimal down payment will, in most cases, get you a building in a matter of days. We have a rental agreement, which will need to be completed in order to start the process. You will need to possess a current driver’s license in order to complete the paperwork.

  • There are several forms that may apply to your situation such as a landlord waiver if you rent your home or property. A letter of understanding will also be provided that usually answers most of the frequently asked questions. We will be able to assist you in the process.

  • You choose the “best” day of the month to make your payment.

  • The rental agreement is automatically renewed every 30 days upon receipt of your monthly payment. We have rent-to-own terms available for 36 or 60 months.

No Prepayment Penalties:

  • You may pay off your rental agreement at any time with no penalty. You may pay off your contract at any time you choose within the guidelines of the RTO contract agreement.


No Termination Penalties

  • You have the option to terminate the contract, at any time and for whatever reason without penalty by returning the building in good condition and only paying for the time you used the building.

You Own The Building After The Rental Period

  • The best part about our RTO program is that YOU own the building once the rental agreement is complete.

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